A Walk on the Beach Foot Treat

I’m going out out tomorrow! I’m really excited a chance to get dressed up and have a laugh with my girlfriends.

I had to buy new shoes as didn’t have any smart sandals to ‘dress up’ my maxi dress. New shoes need nice feet to go in them so tonight my lounge turned into a spa.

It was great my husband decided to use the Tropic three step ‘Walk on the Beach’ collection on his feet too.

The ‘Ocean Fizz Foot Soak’ smelt amazing and left my feet feeling so smooth, I had already been using the ‘Polishing Pebble’ in the shower but enjoyed it none the less. This was my first time using the ‘Repair Foot Remedy’ moisturiser and was surprised how it was really nourishing but not greasy.

Essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus and lime give the Ocean Fizz foot soak a gorgeously refreshing scent.

It was great to use the Tropic products with my husband and to practice what I would be saying at a foot pamper. Its when talking to other people about the products I realise how passionate I am about them.

You can have a foot pamper in your lounge every week throughout summer for less than the price of one high street pedicure, all three products I mentioned earlier come in a gift box for £24.

I shall let you know how I get tottering along on my new wedges tomorrow night, at least my feet will look great even if I can walk in the high shoes!

If you would like to find out more about the ‘Walk on the Beach’ collection you can find out more here – http://www.tropicskincare.co.uk/shop/melanieparkinson


A good night time regime with ‘A Good Skin Day’

I am still buzzing from my launch pamper on Monday night. It was great fun and I learnt a lot as well. I was lucky enough to have my manager come and lead the pamper and I was able to watch how she runs the evening what she says and learn more about the products.

I was really interested in hearing her talk about the face mask as these were the products I had been enjoying the most. Before we applied the face masks we applied the serums. I had been using ‘super greens’ each morning and hadn’t used the other serums as of yet.

When she started explaining about ‘A Good Skin Day’ I thought I had to give it a try. I’ve just been reading more on the product fact sheet and found out that this is Susie Ma (the creator of Tropic) favourite product.


For those with a lacklustre, rough, uneven skin texture and/or tone, and large pores.

For those looking to fight the signs of ageing.

For anyone who wants to enjoy the results of a chemical peel, without the harsh chemicals!

Bottle of Tropic serum - A Good Skin Day

So as I type my skin is tingling from the fruity acids working on my skin.

I can’t put into words how much I love these products! You honestly don’t need chemicals on your skin.

Nature is amazing Tropic products are all full of ingredients with properties that have the desired effect without having to put harsh chemicals on your skin.

It’s nearly time for my one month review. I’m hoping I will be brave enough to post my before and after photos. I’ve started to get comments on how good my skin is looking.

For more information about any of the products I am talking about please visit my shop http://www.tropicskincare.co.uk/shop/MelanieParkinson

I’m also on Facebook and happy to chat on there @melanietropicskin

Two Weeks of Tropic

I’m now two weeks into my Tropic journey and I can see such a difference in my skin. The dark spots I have had for years have faded and it does seem brighter.

It has been so hot! I’ve gone down to using just one pump of the morning and night moisturises ‘Energy Boost’ and ‘Night Repair’ as I found my face was feeling heavy in the heat with two much. I think that my favourite product so far is the ‘Face Smooth Brightening Polish’. I’ve just pulled this fact from the product fact sheet.

Some exfoliators use plastic microbeads that end up in the ocean, causing damage to marine ecosystems. It’s fantastic that the active ingredients in ‘Face Smooth’ the bamboo silica and ground rice do no such thing, all fish and aquatic life are completely safe from damaging microbeads when I this product, and in fact any product in the Tropic range.

I am starting to gain confidence in going out without makeup on. This is my ultimate aim. I used to wear so much make up to cover up my dark spots, I much prefer a natural look.

If you would like to find out more about the products please visit my shop http://www.tropicskincare.co.uk/shop/MelanieParkinson

Making time for face masks

I’ve had a mad day. Dropping my toddler at nursery to spin around with my baby to buggy fit, home for lunch then back out to Mum and baby yoga. It was while at Yoga (during the quiet reflection time) I realised I had a doctors appointment later this afternoon. Home for a shower then back out again!

In the shower I used the exfoliating face scrub, I then used the skin revive and super greens nutrient boost serum. The baby was down for a nap and I thought I would try the face mask. My new skincare routine is going OK so far and I do think I can see a difference in my skin. I do know that with my busy life I will have to fit in the face masks and added pampers, the foot and hand scrubs for example, to my usual routine as and when I can.

When I used to think of face masks it was for a long hot bath with a glass of wine. Now it’s the luxury of having half an hour after the shower before I have to head out again. The results will be the same.

Tropic Clear Skin Blemish Fighting Mask
Tropic Clear Skin Blemish Fighting Mask

I opted for the clear skin blemish fighting mask. To make myself feel even better I’ve just had a look at the product fact sheet and found the green colour of the clear skin mask comes from green clay, spirulina and chlorophyll.

These are the Hero Ingredients;

Willow bark extract – Willow bark extracts, rich in beta hydroxy salicylic acids, travel deep into your pores to unclog built up sebum.

Ginger – Cayenne pepper and ginger extracts kill blemish-causing bacteria at source.

Green Clay – Green and white clays dry out spots and stop them from increasing in size.

Charcoal – Charcoal and spirulina work to draw out toxins and tighten pores.

Raspberry Leaf – Raspberry leaf and goji berry extracts reduce redness and calm skin.

For more information on the products or to order please head to my page tropicskincare.co.uk/shop/melanieparkinson

My first Tropic Pamper

I’ve just done my first Tropic Pamper! It was with my mum with a glass of wine at my kitchen table, I’d settled my little ones upstairs came downstairs and got started.

I learnt a lot, I needed face cloths and a mirror and obviously my product knowledge was no where near where I would like it to be, but it was so much fun. We read the descriptions together and giggled as we put the face masks on Mum opting for the ‘Face Lift Brightening Tightening Mask’, I went for the green ‘Clear Skin Blemish Fighting Mask’.

Mum loved the products and placed an order, she’s promised me it’s because she was so happy with the products as opposed to feeling pressured being my first pamper.

So glad I had a little practice, now need to invite some friends over for a more official ‘launch’.

The Tropic Skincare Journey Begins

Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog. I have just turned 30 and have decided that this is the year to tick a few things off my bucket list, writing a blog being one of them and starting to take care of myself inside and out being the second.

I am a mum of two little girls B who is 3 in August and A who is 1 in October. It was the birth of A that led me to Tropic Skincare, my little girl has very sensitive skin.

I have heard and read fantastic testimonials about Tropic and the natural ingredients. The products are so pure you could eat them!

I have had trouble with my skin throughout my 20s and have spent what feels like a small fortune on high street products trying to solve my issues. I am hoping the journey ends and begins here with my adaptation of Tropic Skincare.

I will be using the products on my face, body and hair. And I will be using the Tamanu Healing Balm on A and the Hair Elixir on B.

Wish us luck! Once I’ve been using the products for a couple of weeks I will post a before and after picture. I’ve just taken a no makeup selfie and I am too embarrassed to post it as it is, hopefully I will see a difference in my skin in a couple of weeks and I’ll be happy to post my ‘before’ photo then.